The School is designed to give access to more skills for heroes and some of the most rare and epic skills in the game. It consists of a few parts that all work together towards a main goal of learning rarer and better skills.

Pay Respect

You must first pay respect to a teacher. That teacher must have at least 3 students before you can proceed with advice/review. When you pay respect to a teacher you become his student.



Literary Talent

Use insight to learn literary talent, contribution points and insight. The more contribution points you have the more advice you can give per day.


Literary Talent

This is similar to advice but it give the user more stats and a lot of insight. Costs 8 gold.


Military Talent

Challenge compares the challengers military talent to the opponents military talent and involves a high variable of luck. The challenger has a harder chance to win a challenge. The winner of the challenge receives contribution points, military talent and a good portion of insight. The higher the military talent the better and rarer skills that can be learned through insight.

Private Tutoring

Literary Talent

Enables all students under the teacher to do one extra "Advice". Costs 60 gold.

Make sure you have a lot of students underneath you when you do this as a teacher.

INSIGHT This bar fills up and when it does you can trade it all in for a chance to learn a skill by clicking on the scroll to the right of the hero. This insight is what you want to fill up for more chances at getting skills. If you do learn the skill you get either muddy stone or iron scraps and occassionally a rare item that can change the main hero's stats. You also get these items if you choose to abandon insight, but not if you fail your insight.