Pyromaniac Food ThiefEdit

Two skills that can essentially steal and burn enemy provisions.  Now when confronting large numbers of troops this probably isn't the most efficient tactic to win a war, but when dealing with one or two particular heroes who lure all attacks upon themselves, these two skills can be very effective in removing the entire squads food supply.  Why would we want to do this?  One:  Remove this unit from part of the enemies attack force.  Two: Remove this squads ability to counter attack with skills such as Iron and Blood, or Vindictive Parry.  So where can we find skills like these two?  There are two additional skills that are active skills that can also steal food.  Telekinisis and Maraud are skills only usable by a few select heroes, but also work well in this build.  They can be found rarely in events and in the scroll shop.  Food thief is a skill that can be learned in the School.  It is a passive skill and will have a chance to steal food every time you attack.  Higher level of skill increases effect.   Pyromaniac is an active skill that triggers based on the difference of your heroes intellect and the enemies'.  This skill can very often be found in the LMS badge shop.  You can also find training scrolls in the Stand.  Gears to increase effect of Pyromaniac are quite common as well.