Towards the end of one server there are some crucial steps for heading into your next server.  Politics are not going to be discussed here, simply strategy for hero success only when starting the new server.  


    You'll probably want to have all your manors ready to go for the new server.  You should probably have many 5555's and some 6666 and 7777 manor cards ready to play.  You can easily downgrade one to an appopriate level for free, but upgrading to a higher level manor costs gold, yet is do-able.  At the end of the server try not to rebuild manors when they might lose value (anytime you rebuild a manor without spending gold it will lose 2 levels on each building over level 10).  Unless you know for a fact you can rebuild without spending a ton of gems to get all the buildings to max level before the server officially ends, then go for it, if you have a reason (such as needing to upgrade buidlings to level 20, which previously were less than level 20).  You want your manors to be ready to go for the new server because it's a race at the start.  A race in the arena, and a race in the world map.   You want to be the strongest out the gate.  Typically the winner of the previous server has a major advantage here because they haven't lost buildings.   Regardless, try to get all the manors buildings to max level before you begin the new one.  When you begin the new one, you won't be able to use gems for their full value, only 1/10 of the full value.  It will take 9 weeks at least to see max value gems after the start of the server.  In this case it is a good idea to save up gems for next server by doing historical campaign and also the battle royale.  At the start of a new server any resource boost items you can obtain and use are really good to get you an edge over the competition, such as everblooming tree (increase all resource output in all cities by 20% for 30 days).  

Items to stockpile:

  • resource boost items, such as Everblooming Tree, Mystic Topiary
  • Gems
  • Troop Speedup Items, such as roll call and call to arms
  • Hero Invitation (sometimes the drop rate of heroes at the beginning of the server seems a lot higher than normal)