Here's a list of some of the most common mistakes to avoid


  • Gold Heroes:  Don't add a secondary proc skill, (any skill that activates) unless the gold hero is using a different type of unit necessary to proc (release) his gold skill.  

Spending GoldEdit

  • Try to always keep a reserve of at least 25 gold on hand.  There are special events that sell items for 1g or for 10g and they're usually items you don't want to miss.  If possible try to even keep 10 k coins unspent (not loaded onto a server) because certain other events give great rewards when you merely add 100 gold (which is 10 K coins and costs about $3.50 USD).  Small micro purchases and adds like this will really help boost your strength over the long run.  This tactic works well for the light gold, medium or heavy gold spender. 
  • Add gold only during events where you are rewarded for doing so, if possible.
  • Upgrade your title before spending a ton of gold on heroes.
  • Buy a bronze seal.  It's only 300 gold and you'll get that gold back 150g every month for two months.  Plus it drops great items every time you spend 50g.  Well worth it.


  • Do not ever add an activation skill to gold heroes (see above) with very few exceptions.
  • Try to level one hero's skills to level 3 rather than leveling several heroes's skills to level 2.  Later on you can use hades stones or chaos stones to combine level 3 skills into one slot.  This effectively allows your hero to have up to 12 skills on one bar instead of 6.  You can get training scrolls several ways:
    • Garden gifts every day.
    • Weekly Activity Rewards
    • Scroll Shop
    • Events


  • Leveling:  Try not to level up your gear too high so that your heroes can't equip them.  Also, when a server ends your hero will be completely unequipped and that gear all moved into your inventory.  So don't augment a hero right before the server ends, unless it's truly necessary.  Try to wait until the beginning of the next server so that you can equip him and then augment him.  This way you won't feel naked.  
  • Solid Ice:  Try to wait until your gear is level 90+ to use this item.  It's a lot harder to upgrade a purple than a blue, and a lot harder to upgrade a blue comared to a green.  You may want to wait until your heroes are augmented to the 3rd or 4th augment until levelling them this high, because when you transfer servers, all their gear becomes unequipped and you'll have to wait till they're that level again to equip it.
  • City Work Gear:  Some people may look at the equip with city build boosts as garbage.  But as some say, one man's trash is another man's treasure.  In this game we all have to do city work, it's just part of the job.  Try to find some white gear, refine it till you get a set of mason and transit gears.  Level them and enhance them a little bit.  Trust me a small amount of this will go a long way.  You may even encounter this on green gears too and those are fine to use too, but I try to save my green jades for gears that I actually use in combat.  If you have enough to spare, then give it a go, but try to match the stat to the job too.  For transit it's nice to have intellect stat as well (yes intellect, many people think that politics influences transit but it's actually intellect, test it yourself).  For Mason, leadership.

Item ExchangeEdit

  • Gravels:  Don't forge gravels unless you are about to combine two skills.  Otherwise what I would do is save them up.  When i have 3 or more of one type of gravel I'll make freeze springs with them.  30 Freeze springs will make a Hades stone so you can combine any two skills (level 3 or above).  Many players will make chaos stones by combining the gravels but then never end up using them.
  • Jades.  Your minor scholar seals and Mind control charms are limited so don't forge jade unless you're sure you need to use it, otherwise, you might end up needing to forge for a certain type but come to find out you're out of materials to make that with.  I would try to stay away from white jade completely.  The only gear worth upgrading that is white is the armor because it will typically have good leadership stats.